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The enormous difficulties of creating content for children

There is a very noticeable difference between content created for an audience of kids and infantile content. Sometimes the child is not the audience that claims the content. Content strategists have to change the way they relate to things and concepts. Teams content strategists must equip itself with an expert in pedagogy able to review and correct output messages.

Post in Spanish: Las enormes dificultades de crear contenido para niños


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The Q-Method of audience research in content strategy

The Q-Method, invented in 1935, is used since the 70s to investigate television audiences. Content strategists use this method when dealing with very large content maps and cross-content, with huge amounts of messages published in various models and technological formats, or when the messages are the result of an intensive production system. This post explains how.

Post in Spanish: El Q-Method de investigación de audiencias en estrategia de contenidos


European security section in the content strategy of e-commerce

The EU Commission has established minimum safety levels for 27 product categories. Without a declaration of conformity with EU directives it is not possible to transfer, sell or consume certain articles in the European Economic Area. The data in this declaration can be used as structured content in e-commerce to influence purchasing decisions and improve visibility of the web page.

Post in Spanish: La ficha de seguridad europea en la estrategia de contenidos del e-commerce


Content strategy to call things by their name

The dissonance between the definition of a product by an e-commerce and the expression used by the prospective buyer can cause loss of customers. It is a problem of quality of content, not about the company culture or their SEO activity. This post explains how to identify problems and proposed six possible solutions that provides content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos para llamar a las cosas por su nombre


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Audit corporate communications from the content strategy

The content strategy is to improve communication skills through content. The same theoretical postulate can be used to audit corporate and institutional communication. The starting point is the message that the final recipient of the communication want to receive from the corporation in a given context of informative consumption. This post summarize indications and results provided.

Post in Spanish: Auditar la comunicación corporativa desde la estrategia de contenidos