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Comunicación eficaz, competitiva y sostenible

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Periodismo de Marca, Estrategia de Contenidos, Semantic SEO y Content Marketing

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Features and contact points from the strategic content

When a user contacts the content, it goes into a deep spiral of benefits that the message offers. The benefits are structured in three levels deep conditioned by the initial intentions of the user and the type of channel that accesses the content. Only the corporate website ensures a complete cycle and the quality of content.

Post in Spanish: Prestaciones y puntos de contacto del contenido estratégico


The contribution of an estonian museum in the institutional content strategy

An investigation of four years in a museum of Estonia led to a Decalogue on the institutional content strategy that has changed the way we communicate institutions. The Estonian model is based on audience research, extension of institutional territory to virtual spaces and content creation to facilitate participation.

Post in Spanish: La aportación de un museo estonio a la estrategia de contenidos institucional


Pernicious profiles of managers that validate the content

The lack of training, lack of interest, professional pruritus, inability to express what should be the content that the organization produces overwork, information overload, the competential zeal and organization of governance may affect seriously the process of creating content. This post describes four management profiles affecting production.

Post in Spanish: Perfiles perniciosos de directivos que validan el contenido


The deceptive promise of engagement in content strategy

The best definitions of engagement with content are contradictory. Some explanations affect different stages of content consumption. However, they continue to be used for marketing. The analysis forgets that user engagement can be with the content, with the author or with the social correspondent. This disparity undermines any result.

Post in Spanish: La engañosa promesa del engagement del contenido