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Brand Journalism Andy Bull vs. our philosophy

Contrast between two different conceptions of Brand Journalism. Andy Bull in your book reduces this journalism to the use of journalistic formats in marketing messages. In Estrategia del Contenido we believe that is traditional journalism, with its ethical responsibility and quality procedures.

Post in Spanish: El periodismo de Marca de Andy Bull contra el nuestro


The strategist dilemma about the success of prankvertising

Advertising prank videos are hot. They get so many visits that are part of the list of the most viewed on Youtube. However, his life is fleeting. The problem will be how to deal, from the content strategy in the future, when your life is over. The post discusses this trend and presents possible future actions, without establishing any pattern of behavior.

Post in Spanish: El dilema del estratega ante el ‘prankvertising’ de éxito


Barcelona will host the Confab-2014 next fall

The organization of the content strategy conference, Confab, has appointed last night Barcelona to host its European meeting. Confab is the leading global conference on the matter. Barcelona was competing with Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin to host the international event. The last edition took place in London and strategists from 28 countries participated.

Post in Spanish: Barcelona acogerá el Confab 2014 el próximo otoño


First Google warning about content curation

Matt Cutts, header of webspam team at Google, has launched the first warning against content curation. For the manager of Google, the Stitching Content generated by the combination of fragments of other websites effortlessly abstract or creative development, it is not a good solution. The web curation is a cheap marketing content that saturated the Google systems with repeated content.

Post in Spanish: Primera advertencia de Google sobre content curation


Radiography of web comments, from the content strategy

Summary of the characteristics of the online comments according to various studies on their influence and use. Analyzes have focused on the troll comments and the legal framework for the organization that manages the site. As a result, from the content strategy, we have 3 options: thorough and uncompromising moderation, transfer to an external social network or total elimination.

Post in Spanish: Radiografía de los comentarios, desde la estrategia de contenidos