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Tactical reuse pieces of content in narrative flows

The content matrix consists of paragraphs and sentences that are reused on different pages of the same website. The tactic adds agility to build content without harming the narrative flow, reducing translation costs and facilitating personalization message for the recipient. This post discusses the characteristics of tactics.

Post in Spanish: Reutilización de fragmentos de contenido en flujos narrativos


Creating semantic and mandatory nutrition info

Online stores are required in the European Union to include nutritional information on food products and soft drinks. This obligation may be a source of value to the content. The proper construction of nutritional data can be done with HTML5 standard or Microdata use. This post analyse both.

Post in Spanish: Creación semántica de la información nutricional obligatoria


The braggies and their strategic exclusion of web content

The braggie, subgenus of selfie, is a direct message to the social environment of the author. Use of braggie outside social networks has decontextualized message and may affect image rights and privacy of both the author and the people displayed. It is better not to use on websites.

Post in Spanish: Los braggies y su exclusión estratégica del contenido para la web


Effective structure of content for annual reports

Selection of the most frequent informative pieces in the annual report of the company for treatment from content strategy. A part of the informative pieces are repetitive and affect the definition of the business. Another part is conjunctural and should be placed chronologically in the corporate website.

Post in Spanish: Estructura eficaz de contenidos de las cuentas anuales


Economic dimension of investment in content strategy

Theoretical model of attribution of economic value to generated messages from content strategy, compared to conventionally built content. The higher cost of strategic content is diluted over time by increasing the ROI, and requires less marketing activities and further apart to get the same result.

Post in Spanish: Dimensión económica de la inversión en estrategia de contenidos