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The risks of false identification of Brand Journalism

The confusion between brand journalism and content marketing or PR, when identifying all products as journalism is a mistake that pose risks to the brand. When is not brand journalism, generating measurements useless results; the reality is makeup without a journalistic commitment; betraying the trust of the receiver; and identifies the brand with values of very low quality journalism.

Post in Spanish: Los riesgos de la identificación falsa del Periodismo de Marcas


The nostalgia on the map of strategic contents

Satisfaction nostalgia, into content strategy, produces beneficial effects for brand communication. It produces instructional, historicist, legitimizing, legendary, connective and comparative effects in an audience located between a generation that will be relieved and the generation coming. The difficulty is the method to identify the gap.

Post in Spanish: La nostalgia en el mapa de contenidos estratégico


The conservation of URLs in content updates

When a website is technologically updated or when the content is changed often sacrifice the URL of the page. Inadvertently the usability and performance of the website are damaged, and also affect other web sites that we link. This post explains the damage and possible solutions that can provide content strategists.

Post in Spanish: Conservación de las URL en actualizaciones de contenido


The adoption of structured content and its impact on the company

When a company needs to create an online store, an instruction manual or a development guide, with repetitive content, is possible opt for the generation of structured content. This new content format involves substantial changes in business philosophy.

Post in Spanish: La adopción de contenido estructurado y sus repercusiones en la empresa