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Brand Journalism

The book “Periodismo de marcas”, now on sale

“Periodismo de marcas” is a treatise on brand journalism for journalists and business executives who want to implement it in their organizations. The book argues that this discipline is genuine journalism, away from the metaphor of journalism or imposture. Its implementation involves setting new goals in brand communication and a profound transformation of the business organization.

Post in Spanish: El tratado «Periodismo de marcas», ya a la venta


Essential readings about Brand Journalism

All around Brand Journalism is too noisy. Marketers attempt to appropriate the label of this new form of journalism. And PR not just understand that is the end of intermediation. The Brand Journalism is journalism only, but is applied differently in each organization. Here are collected the best sources from this view of Brand Journalism.

Post in Spanish: Lecturas esenciales sobre ‘Brand journalism’


Tricks to know when something is brand journalism

When someone hears first about Brand Journalism, always find examples that could be. Many times they are not. For anyone has to determine whether an informative product is Brand Journalism, this post includes a number of requirements to be met. If the number of fail requirements exceeds to meets, or does not influence in any way, it’s not. It’s that simple.

Post in Spanish: Pistas para saber cuándo algo es periodismo de Marca


14 clarification about Brand Journalism

The creation of a Brand Newsroom is the last stage of the implementation of a Global Content Strategy. Therefore, the Brand Journalism is a new corporate culture that reaches transversely across the organization. To be the Brand Newsroom, the corporation has undergone a thorough and personalized communication process innovation. Obviously, not everything that is advertised as Brand Newsroom is.

Post in Spanish: 14 aclaraciones sobre el periodismo de Marca


Brand journalism: ‘Airbnbmag’ succumbs to the hyperlink

Analysis of the brand journalism put into practice by Airbnbmag in its first number after the premiere issue of May. There is an excess of the presence of the Airbnb hosts in the content and, consequently, of the use of links to the platform that could damage the viability of the journalistic project.

Post in Spanish: Brand Journalism: ‘Airbnbmag’ sucumbe al hiperenlace


‘Airbnbmag’: questions and answers about their brand journalism

Airbnbmag is a travel magazine released by the Airbnb brand in collaboration with Hearst and is a paradigmatic example of brand journalism. This post analyzes the magazine and the aspects that define it as an operation of brand journalism, away from marketing and public relations.

Post in Spanish: ‘Airbnbmag’: preguntas y respuestas sobre su brand journalism


The brand journalism in the ethical code of journalism

The revision of the code of ethics of the journalists of Catalonia invites to check the adjustment of the brand journalism to this precepts. This post revises the ethical and moral criteria of the profession and concludes that brand journalism, when exercised rigorously, meets the deontological standards.

Post in Spanish: Encaje del Brand Journalism en el código ético del Periodismo