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Questions about the measurement of content strategy and PR

After participating in the third edition of #CarnavalRRPP on communication and public relations, we opened a series of questions about the effectiveness of the current measurement for content strategies and public relations. This post discusses what is measured, who measures, why it is measured, for what and how, raising the professional debate.

Post in Spanish: Interrogantes sobre la medición de la estrategia de contenidos y las RRPP


The NPS to measuring brand journalism and content strategies

The most reliable way to measure communication is the use of the index NPS (Net Promoter Score). It is an index that accurately reflects the efficiency of the messages in content strategy and brand journalism. It is easier to estimate, to understand, to perform, to compare and cheaper. The remaining metrics are only useful for marketing because they do not value a informative quality standard.

Post in Spanish: El índice NPS para medir periodismo de Marca y estrategias de contenidos


Using statistics to adjust strategic content

When it is impossible to make an inventory and audit of content, we can use a statistical analysis to diagnose problems with a website. This is the best choice when the situation is urgent, the budget is small and the size of the website is enormous. It does not replace traditional methods of Content Strategy, but it helps to troubleshoot for bad content.

Post in Spanish: Cómo usar las estadísticas para perfilar contenido estratégico


Content strategies for the use of web notifications

50% of visitors to websites that offer web push notifications subscribe to them, according to several studies. These reports also show that the cancellation rate is 10% per year. The annoying user who abandons notifications has lost his confidence in communication and corporate brand image. This post collects content strategies to reduce the abandonment rate and contraindications of this technology.

Post in Spanish: Estrategias de contenidos para el uso de notificaciones web


Podcast on Content Shock and co-branding strategies

Podcast with the interview formulated by Jaime López-Amor to Carlos J. Campo, of Estrategia del Contenido®, on the theory Content Shock. The conversation can be heard from today on the channel Branded Content, on PR Noticias. For over half an hour the expert in branded content and the content strategist discuss economic theory and measures to avoid cataclysm.

Post in Spanish: Podcast sobre el Colapso del Contenido y estrategias de co-branding


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The Content Shock prophecy in 2017

The term Content Shock will become fashionable in 2017. The concept will be used both to justify the poor effectiveness of content marketing and to claim larger budgets with dwindling results. The shock occurs when the content supply curves and content demand diverge considerably. This situation will occur in 2017. This post collects effective and profitable alternatives from the content strategy.

Post in Spanish: La profecía del Colapso del Contenido en 2017


Factors of propagation in the editorial calendar

The propagation concept registers, by speed and intensity, the degree of receptivity on a piece of content. This is calculated on the experience in the publication. It serves to develop an editorial calendar that is communicatively more effective and economically more profitable. This post discusses the factors that affect the propagation.

Post in Spanish: Factores de propagación en el calendario editorial