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Inbound marketing

Not is inbound marketing all they sell

Analysis of a case on a disastrous action of inbound marketing. The company blog had no quality content. It was not even original. It looked like a message written by an non expert; by an amateur. And not produce flow of visitors to the main website. The SMEs affected paid for a null service  without knowing why their investment did not work.

Post in Spanish: El gato por liebre en el inbound marketing


Content without fringes for the Page Parking of Millennials

A recent study by Nielsen Norman Group defines the Page Parking as a new Millennnials behavior. Young users compulsively open many tabs on the same topic in two levels of navigation: a pattern page and derivated from the pattern. Page Parking significantly alter the communicability of the web pages. The solution is usability and content strategy. This post summarizes some strategic principles.

Post in Spanish: Contenido sin flecos para el ‘page parking’ de los ‘millennials’


Orphan pages for hyper-targeted marketing

The hyper-targeted marketing is the person-level marketing. The landing pages for traffic that generates this type of marketing can damage the content strategy. This post explains the strategy of the orphanage, to create pages that enhance the marketing campaign without damaging the content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Páginas huérfanas para el marketing hiperdirigido


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How a budget is made for content marketing

The CMO has the temptation to set what kind of message format and channel will be used in a content marketing campaign. With their wishes he can try setting a budget and this action would be wrong. This post explains, step by step, how to develop the most appropriate content marketing budget.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se elabora un presupuesto para marketing de contenidos


Trust management: blogs recovery, experts and semantic content

With the results of the 14th Trust Barometer by Edelman in Spain, can be drawn three conclusions from the perspective of content strategy: the recovery of corporate blog that is outside the domain of the Mark; the opening of the blog for the employee of the company and the expert in this area; and the construction of semantic content and structured information that to be searchable.

Post in Spanish: Gestión de la confianza: integración de blogs, sabios y semántica


Content strategy vs. digital strategy and content marketing

Differences between content strategy, digital strategy and social media strategy. Table about concepts, benefits and effects. Difference between content strategy and content marketing. The first uses the second as an additional technique, with results in the medium and long term.

Post in Spanish: Diferencias entre estrategia de contenidos y estrategia digital