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The rhetoric of expectations for routes of informative consumption

Any webpage that is part of an internal navigation route must answer the five questions of rhetoric of expectations. A visitor at first sight, must satisfy the five expectations that define the content, its importance, its authorship and its relationship with the front and rear stage of the route. The painstaking work of building messages will give more cohesion to content, making more effective.

Post in Spanish: La retórica de las expectativas en las rutas de consumo informativo


The Search Modelling Intent (SMI) in a content audit

In Estrategia del Contenido we will incorporate the SMI index in content audits. Adapting the index for the website produces an accurate reflection, a numerical result and comparable information on the ability of the content to answer hypothetical questions from users. This proposed is open to corrections and suggestions. It is a first approach to the calculation method.

Post in Spanish: El índice Search Modeling Intent (SMI) en una auditoría de contenidos web


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An unfortunate microcopy culturally

A button on the checkout process of an online store is bad  understood in Central. This case, that we couldn't confirm and seems certain, producing losses to the airline. In that country, understood the instruction completely contrary to what was intended. Changing microcopy, normalized store sales.

Post in Spanish: El caso casi real de un microcopy culturalmente desafortunado