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Persona, message and substance in content strategy

The strategic content consumer has a dual behavior. First, consumers value the message produced by the content strategist. Second, consumers value ​​the essence of the message. To discern differences between the two types, creating an Empathy Map lets know what experience and what emotions are generated in the profile of the persona.

Post in Spanish: Persona, mensaje y sustancia en la estrategia de contenidos


The Adequacy Test of message in a content strategy

The Adequacy Test is used to determine the effectiveness of a communicative message. Done regularly, the test indicates whether the receiver feels message recipient, and if the receiver believes the message belong to the issuer characteristics. The Test is worth checking and correcting deviations in the content strategy.

Post in Spanish: El Test de Adecuación del mensaje en estrategia de contenidos


The Miller Law and the content organization

A study from the University of Oxford updates the Miller Law and determined that visual working memory only retains 8 bits. Excessive memory content cause confusion and frustration on the user. The application of the Miller Law affects the number of navigable content per page, the navigation routes and content lists.

Post in Spanish: La Ley de Miller y la organización del contenido


The nostalgia on the map of strategic contents

Satisfaction nostalgia, into content strategy, produces beneficial effects for brand communication. It produces instructional, historicist, legitimizing, legendary, connective and comparative effects in an audience located between a generation that will be relieved and the generation coming. The difficulty is the method to identify the gap.

Post in Spanish: La nostalgia en el mapa de contenidos estratégico


Construction of affordable content with cognitive metaphors

Using metaphors in the content facilitates the explanation of difficult concepts, generates cultural stereotypes, evokes graphically abstract ideas, reduces the receiver's experience and contributes to the economy of expression. In this post, the classical patterns for building metaphors are reviewed according to the types of Lakoff.

Post in Spanish: Construcción de contenido asequible con metáforas cognitivas