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Hypotheses about the causes of content blindness

Large investors in content marketing have started to notice the effect of blindness content. His messages are unnoticed by users, although they have in front. This post discusses a number of hypotheses about the characteristics of content marketing that produce blindness. Perhaps the solution is to begin from scratch with underlying content strategy and effective.

Post in Spanish: Hipótesis sobre las causas de la ceguera del contenido


The ‘cruft concept’ in content strategy

The cruft is formed by elements of programming and content components that impair the correct transmission of the page message. Although the effect seems imperceptible, users are frustrated by not access the content they want immediately. The content strategist must sublimate the main content and eliminate or relegate secondary and superfluous content based on the device query.

Post in Spanish: El concepto ‘costra’ en estrategia de contenidos


Uber: context of information consumption and content strategy

Study of a singular phenomenon  in some companies of the digital economy. Uber and Airbnb publish print magazines with unique content for their users. The paper holder has more strategic advantages for content that the online communication. The key advantage is the context control for the consumption of the information.

Post in Spanish: Uber: contexto de consumo informativo y estrategia de contenidos


The connection between the extended content and the user affinity

A study by Chris Breaux, of Chartbeat, has shown a direct relationship between the time spent at site and the degree of adhesion of the user to the thesis defended by the author. Although Breaux warns that the study is not conclusive, suggests that a stay of more than one minute accomplished convincing more the reader.

Post in Spanish: La relación entre el contenido extenso y el convencimiento del usuario


Electrical industry: low content, dark, inflexible and non-strategic

The Spanish government intervened on December 21 in electricity prices, the market would increase by over 11%. Taking advantage of the situation, we examined the content strategy of the three largest distributors, a more modest and a consumer cooperative. The conclusion: not have content strategy and its messages are sparse and convoluted.

Post in Spanish: Contenido de las eléctricas: escaso, oscuro, inflexible y no estratégico


The strategist dilemma about the success of prankvertising

Advertising prank videos are hot. They get so many visits that are part of the list of the most viewed on Youtube. However, his life is fleeting. The problem will be how to deal, from the content strategy in the future, when your life is over. The post discusses this trend and presents possible future actions, without establishing any pattern of behavior.

Post in Spanish: El dilema del estratega ante el ‘prankvertising’ de éxito