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Rentabilidad, ROI

Economic dimension of investment in content strategy

Theoretical model of attribution of economic value to generated messages from content strategy, compared to conventionally built content. The higher cost of strategic content is diluted over time by increasing the ROI, and requires less marketing activities and further apart to get the same result.

Post in Spanish: Dimensión económica de la inversión en estrategia de contenidos


Argument against calculating the ROI of content strategy

The Content Strategy (CS) has a intangible value for the organization. The obsession with measuring results and translate them into ROI can be counterproductive, because the CS provides results permanently. We need to consider the invest in CS from the financial cost structure of the company. From this perspective, is a sunk fixed cost that can be associated with stepped fixed costs.

Post in Spanish: Argumento contra el cálculo del ROI de la estrategia de contenidos


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The failure of content marketing without underlying content strategy

Several studies have warned in recent months that 80% of B2B content marketing will never query. They also state that 41% of sellers in this sector do not use the content in their operations because they do not find. The detected faults show that content marketing without underlying solid content strategy is doomed to failure.

Post in Spanish: El fracaso del content marketing sin una estrategia contenidos subyacente


Calculation of the price of corporate content before a business absorption

The corporate content is an asset of the company that can obtain a fair price in the processes of purchase, merger or business absorption. This post explains a method for calculating the maximum price and the minimum trading price. The method is based on the quality and ability to create audiences and not on the audiences achieved. On the calculated cost price, a number of weightings are applied.

Post in Spanish: Fijar el precio del contenido ante una absorción empresarial


‘Airbnbmag’: questions and answers about their brand journalism

Airbnbmag is a travel magazine released by the Airbnb brand in collaboration with Hearst and is a paradigmatic example of brand journalism. This post analyzes the magazine and the aspects that define it as an operation of brand journalism, away from marketing and public relations.

Post in Spanish: ‘Airbnbmag’: preguntas y respuestas sobre su brand journalism


Classic errors in content strategy governance

Some corporate governance models create atomized committees that make crucial decisions for communication with contents. These commissions are often extraneous to the processes of the corporate content strategy. The distance of the managers to the communicative reality causes dysfunctions that are transferred to the result of the content. An excellent message could have a very poor result.

Post in Spanish: Errores clásicos en la gobernanza de la estrategia de contenidos


Solera tactics for more efficient and economical content

Tactics of a content strategy that takes advantage of old and quality content components (with solera) for the new message more efficient, faster production and cheaper cost. The tactics are inspired by the wine technique. In the cellars, the wine with solera is mixed with the young wine, transferring its properties. In content strategy the same was done with the information.

Post in Spanish: Táctica de soleras para un contenido más eficaz y económico