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Reasons for writing using HTML5 semantic

Any content creator is required to use language HTML5. This is the language that interpret all devices that are able to display the message, from a watch to a highway marquee. The correct coding allows robots to interpret what is said and does not affect human understanding. Currently, the semantic write positioning is better on search engines pages.

Post in Spanish: Motivos para redactar usando HTML5 semántico


Creating semantic and mandatory nutrition info

Online stores are required in the European Union to include nutritional information on food products and soft drinks. This obligation may be a source of value to the content. The proper construction of nutritional data can be done with HTML5 standard or Microdata use. This post analyse both.

Post in Spanish: Creación semántica de la información nutricional obligatoria


The semantic content improves positioning 45% of the time

For a month we performed an experiment with content that brings semantic values ​​and with simple HTML5 content. 45% of the time, content with semantic values ​​created with the guide of the book «HTML5 para periodistas», improved search engine rankings. 225% of the time the outcome was neutral. The test shows that the semantic value of HTML5 positions better and faster.

Post in Spanish: El contenido semántico mejora el posicionamiento un 45% de las veces


Contents of durations, deadlines, stages and processes

The strategic content should contribute to improve the user's time management, informing about the procedures, the stages, the alternatives and the repercussions of their decisions. This type of content linked to time is valid for all sectors. In addition to visual timelines, the author  must perform a semantic transcription of the texts for the message, which will be accessible and useful.

Post in Spanish: Contenido de duraciones, plazos, etapas y procesos


‘title’, essential in the writing of semantic content

The 5.2 HTML update gives the title attribute a new role. The goal is for Assistive Technology (AT) to semantically identify the content. The AT devices will understand the content and will be able to summarize it or extract the data to answer user questions. Content that does not fit these features will be invisible on the Internet.

Post in Spanish: ‘title’, imprescindible en la redacción de contenido semántico


SEO manipulations of content that now penalizes positioning

Changes in the algorithm of Google are affecting maneuvers on the content to improve positioning. Techniques such as Article Spinning, Link Chaining, Stitching Content or the access restricted to content are discovered now by the search engine robot. All they behave penalties. The only viable solution is to build a solid and overall content strategy to change the communicative paradigm of brands.

Post in Spanish: Manipulaciones SEO del contenido que ahora penalizan


European security section in the content strategy of e-commerce

The EU Commission has established minimum safety levels for 27 product categories. Without a declaration of conformity with EU directives it is not possible to transfer, sell or consume certain articles in the European Economic Area. The data in this declaration can be used as structured content in e-commerce to influence purchasing decisions and improve visibility of the web page.

Post in Spanish: La ficha de seguridad europea en la estrategia de contenidos del e-commerce