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The storytelling strategic approach as compared to content

Storytelling analysis from a content strategy perspective. The storytelling is an attitude and not a technique. This conclusion contrasts with the vision of storytelling as a simple narrative of events. The utilisation with a wide range view of the communication is part of the content strategy. The tactical view is in the field of advertising. However, the content strategy can use storytelling

Post in Spanish: Qué es storytelling y qué no es en estrategia de contenidos


Sector fashion: strategy to avoid the brand abduction by the storytelling

The content used by the main brands in the sector has changed. A panel of experts has come to the conclusion that it produces more frequent, cheap and liquid content. The abuse of narrative arguments creates a communicative chaos. Brands attempt to coordinate three different strategies (emotional, inbred and commercial) when they should be have a single content strategy that agglutinates them.

Post in Spanish: Sector ‘fashion’: evitar que el relato secuestre la marca


Construction of affordable content with cognitive metaphors

Using metaphors in the content facilitates the explanation of difficult concepts, generates cultural stereotypes, evokes graphically abstract ideas, reduces the receiver's experience and contributes to the economy of expression. In this post, the classical patterns for building metaphors are reviewed according to the types of Lakoff.

Post in Spanish: Construcción de contenido asequible con metáforas cognitivas


Immersive content that reproduces metaphors embodied cognition

The content, which aims to involve someone in a story, try to condition their sensory perceptions. It’s a message you want to put in place appropriate physical conditions for occurs a neural connection with seeking mental concepts. The site respectthewater.com is using this formula. This is the analysis.

Post in Spanish: Contenido inmersivo que reproduce las metáforas de cognición corporizada


Online tools to test the emotional effectiveness of videos

Strategy use elQ platform for measuring the emotions of viewers videos. elQ record 10,000 points on the faces of the spectators and recognizes the emotions they feel when watching videos. The demographic, geographic, emotional conclusions related to the time of playback allow the content strategist to improve the message.

Post in Spanish: Herramientas online para el test emocional de la eficacia de vídeos


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New operator in the spanish market Brand Journalism

A spanish public relations firm has begun to sell packages corporate communication services that connect with Brand Journalism. However, we believe this is not Brand Journalism; not suitable for all companies; and not oriented to journalism objectives. However, we do believe are complementary to our consulting service.

Post in Spanish: Nuevo operador en el mercado español del Periodismo de Marca