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Radiography of web comments, from the content strategy

Summary of the characteristics of the online comments according to various studies on their influence and use. Analyzes have focused on the troll comments and the legal framework for the organization that manages the site. As a result, from the content strategy, we have 3 options: thorough and uncompromising moderation, transfer to an external social network or total elimination.

Post in Spanish: Radiografía de los comentarios, desde la estrategia de contenidos


The inadvisable strategic use of Facebook comments

The use of Facebook Comments plugin in corporate web pages can undermine content strategy and impair communication. The negligence in the review of approved sites, the lack of response in social networks and the bad governance in the contents aggravate the situation. In the post, we analyze the Dove case.

Post in Spanish: El desaconsejable uso estratégico de los comentarios de Facebook


UGC content sources for product instructions

Instructions created by users can improve the user experience of a product, prolong its useful life or add new features to the article. Alongside the official manual on the website and in the after-sales service, the Brand must include the UGC content that will enhance the user's perception of the brand and product.

Post in Spanish: Fuentes de contenido UGC para las instrucciones de producto


Planning overhaul of intranet content

The team for evaluate the contents of a corporate intranet is made up of a content strategist, an expert in internal communication and a specialist in information technology. His work starts now to have ready the intranet content in summer. The objectives are to establish the governance of the content and the messages to be useful for the organization. That's why leading content strategist.

Post in Spanish: Planificación de la revisión a fondo del contenido de la intranet


Functions and objectives of the mandatory annual review of content

The functions of the periodic review of web content is the alignment between the message and the brand, consistency of content, strategic coherence, respect of the legal commitment, technological effectiveness and detection of changes of interest in the audience. Some objectives may be covered by the in-house content strategist. Others can only address them outside consultants in content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Funciones y objetivos de la revisión anual de contenidos


Factors for post-mortem stage in content strategy

Analysis of factors affecting the planning and development of the post-mortem stage for strategic content management. The study was performed from the dissolution of an electoral coalition. The four trigger factors are: end the contract with the agency content strategy, seasonal end of the activity of the organization, total end of the activity or program of action, and the crisis communication.

Post in Spanish: Factores de la etapa post-mortem en estrategia de contenidos


The braggies and their strategic exclusion of web content

The braggie, subgenus of selfie, is a direct message to the social environment of the author. Use of braggie outside social networks has decontextualized message and may affect image rights and privacy of both the author and the people displayed. It is better not to use on websites.

Post in Spanish: Los braggies y su exclusión estratégica del contenido para la web